About Counselling & Psychotherapy

Throughout our lives we may experience feelings and emotions that can become overwhelming for us to cope with alone. Counselling can offer a safe, empathetic and supportive space for an individual to express these unresolved feelings without fear of judgement or criticism.

Through the therapeutic relationship, trust can be built to enable the individual to speak about their struggles, thereby addressing old coping mechanisms where self care may no longer be in place but through the guidance of the therapist, the individual can explore new ways of empowering them to move forward with their lives.

The counselling session takes 50 minutes at an agreed day and time each week. The duration of counselling sessions can vary for each individual, where sessions can range from a number of weeks or months to longer term therapy. At all times the individual has the right to end their therapy however, ideally this is discussed in advance of the ending to ensure the counselling relationship comes to a successful finish for both parties.

The first session explores the motivation and needs which have brought the individual to therapy along with discussing any goals or expectations from the therapeutic relationship. The counselling process will also be explained to include the agreement of a fixed time and day for each session. The fees, confidentiality and the cancellation policy are also discussed during this session.

“The path where we slowly discover that there is something good inside us that we can trust; an inner strength that cannot be broken, through recovery, we learn to rest in our own skin, to listen and to take care of the person we are.”